``quality food processing for over 60 years.``

Sill Farms, Inc., is a third-generation, family-owned fruit processing company nestled in the heart of southwestern Michigan’s lush fruit belt. Now in its sixth decade of processing Michigan-grown apples, cranberries, blueberries and cherries at the peak of ripeness, the Sill Farms family processes fruit grown by the children and grandchildren of the same local farmers they’ve worked with since the 1950s.

From New Buffalo to Traverse City, Michigan’s west coast is the world’s leading producer of tangy, bright red tart cherries that are warmed by the sun and soft Lake Michigan breezes until they ripen to perfection each July.

The Sill Farms staff works diligently to ensure that only the highest-quality cherries, picked at the peak of ripeness, are carefully processed as quickly as possible to lock in that special flavor that you find in each and every bite of that special treat you’re enjoying with family and friends.

Processing Michigan Grown Apples At The Peak Of Ripeness
Processing Michigan Grown Blueberries At The Peak Of Ripeness
Processing Michigan Grown Cherries At The Peak Of Ripeness